The Perm Hair Trend 2018? Is big hair back?

Ladies! Who would have thought ‘The Perm’ would sneak its way back into our lives? And are you ready for it? Hear us out. Along with Denim on Denim, geometric prints, and the over emphasised cheekbone trends that we’ve been seeing for some time now on runways, social media and in a number of big name retailers, The Perm is making a comeback. Lets not let images of the 1980’s strike fear into our hair follicles. The evolution of the modern perm I believe really gets its start thanks to the ‘Beachy Wave’ trend that has become so popular over recent years. And lets admit it, a look that requires quite a bit of effort to look like you’ve made no effort should really be a whole lot easier when you’ve got less than 10 minutes in the morning. The Crave Crew have been experimenting with new techniques, ditching the traditional perm rods & rollers for french and dutch braid techniques and the results in my opinion are pretty cool. However the trend doesn't end there, I was scrolling through my instagram yesterday and came across a post from Lady Gaga with her new perm. The curls were more than a little tighter then just a ‘beachy wave’, but she had the shoulder pads to match too. Just saying! I can’t help but think back to when I was a child in the early 90’s remembering my own mother with her blonde streaks, perm and her afro comb. I wonder how many women still have an afro comb or even a banana clip stashed away in the back of the bathroom cupboard.

Anyway. The fact remains, Perm hairstyles are making a comeback, and this chemical process can give you the beachy waves or curly hairstyle of your dreams with no styling required! Stay tuned for more trend reports! Kyle x Trend Correspondent #CraveTheWave (Images are for reference only, and are not the work of Crave - The Hair Studio)

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